What Dog Treats are Good for Dogs?

What Dog Treats are Good for Dogs?

Mar 30 , 2021

Bernard Mackle

There’s nothing better than treating your doggo friend to some dog treats, either as a reward for good behaviour or simply because you can’t help yourself!

However, one of the most common questions we get asked is “what dog treats are good for dogs?”

We all know it’s important to find the balance and keep our furry partners in crime, healthy and happy! So, we decided to take a look and list a few favourites in our house.



Apples, or apples cut into smaller slices (especially for puppies) are perfect as a “good dog treat”.

They’re tasty, packed full of fibre, and have the vitamin-goodness you would expect!

Just remember to remove any seeds and the core before serving to your furry pal.



Similar to apples, fresh vegetables can be a nice little treat and provide some variation for your dog’s diet.

Raw vegetables will be more than fine for most but, again similar to giving them apples, consider cutting anything up into smaller more manageable sizes depending on the size of your dog…and just how quickly they try to eat everything in sight!


Peanut Butter

A quick scroll through YouTube or Instagram will tell you all you need to know about how much dogs and pups love peanut butter.

Not only is it a good source of protein (for us and them), it’s also full of all the good stuff that our dogs need. Just be 100% sure you don’t give your dog a version with additives, sugar, salt, artificial sweeteners etc.

If you’re not sure, double check!


Lean Meats

We all know our doggie friends love juicy meat dishes, and as a treat this is more than suitable as a good treat.

Just remember, lean meats generally mean chicken, fish and red meat. All of this should be unseasoned, without any sauces or spices, and cut into manageable pieces as usual. Always avoid processed meats like bacon, sausage, chorizo etc.

No matter how much they whine!


Pet Bakery Dog Treats

We can’t mention dog treats without plugging our own wares of course!

At Pet Bakery we focus on making delicious dog treats from 100% natural ingredients. Every treat is handmade here in the UK, and every treat is doggo-approved with natural quality ingredients and none of the bad stuff.

From our Cheeky Cheese Paws, to our Luxury Liver Brownies, to our Sunday Roast, and everything else in between. You can even see the exact ingredients on each product page (and our packaging) meaning you know exactly what you’re feeding your dog!


So there you have it!

We know there are loads more out there, but hopefully these good dog treats help you treat your furry friends…and not feel to guilty about it!

What you do for your own treats, is up to you…

Also, don’t forget to check out our full list of Pet Bakery dog treats by clicking here.